Experience The Law - Legalcide: What we do when we don't know what else to do

Welcome to Legalcide

Legalcide is a podcast, blog and website devoted to the experience of law in 21st century America. Legalcide exists to educate and entertain listeners about how the law affects our lives every day. Legalcide tells the very real stories of Americans as they navigate their way – sometimes successfully, sometimes unsuccessfully – through their own legal challenges.

Legalcide is a voice for Americans who feel like the legal system has let them down or left them behind.

noun: ˈlē-gəl-sīd

Legalcide is about avoiding legal harm to ourselves and others despite the fact we have no access to lawyers. In one sense, Legalcide is a desperate act. But also a courageous one. It’s legal self-help when we are all out of options. In the end, Legalcide isn’t legal or illegal, it isn’t good or bad. It’s just legalcide – a fact of everyday life in America.

The Podcast

Legalcide the Podcast focuses on the experience of law. The first round of podcasts focuses on one particular aspect of legal experience: the experience of lawyerlessness.

The Column

Juris Cadence provides short in-depth reflection pieces on current legal hot topics and legal topics which aren’t hot but perhaps deserve more attention.

The Comic

Life With Tenure is a one-cell editorial comic strip focused on the “stuckness” of higher education: the reluctance or inability of our institutions of higher education to change with the times.

Legalcide is always looking for contributors and story idea submissions.

This is your chance to get your voice heard.

Ever felt wronged by arcane laws that didn't make sense? Or had really positive experience with a lawyer or other legal official? Maybe you have a successful - or unsuccessful - story about DIY law?

Legalcide is the place to tell your story.


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